How I set up online

I really am excited to tell you about how I set up online - because if I can do it, so can you - it was so easy!

You see, I had all this helpful information that I really wanted to share with others but I didn't have a clue how to set up online, design a website, build traffic etc. etc., and the word HTML just sent me running!

But then I read about SBI! 

I read every little bit of information I could find on them because they made it sound so easy and when I read that SBI! sites rank in the top 0.5% of all sites (of which there are now 644 million online worldwide apparently), it all sounded pretty mind blowing.  All I could think was, in reality, how easy is it? 

Don't get me wrong, it's still down to us to put all the work in, but when I finally bought SBI! I realised that they really did do everything they said they did on the tin.  Now I really wish I hadn't taken so long to decide.

Watch this video for some amazing! facts on why online is the future (make it full screen if you don't want to miss anything).

I was amazed at all the helpful information they gave me, the complete step by step Action Guide (in every format you can imagine), the extremely active forum where experienced SBI!ers and newbies are constantly contributing, and all the extra resources that come with it. 

It felt like somebody was holding my hand throughout the whole process.  And at the same time, they were keeping it all real.

All you need to know to set up online.

Absolutely everything you need to know is there.  Nothing is left out.  It's perfect for people like me that have no experience of how to set up online - it was all I needed, all in one place.  It was such a relief!

And SBI! is no ordinary website service.  They handle everything.  Thanks to their famous CTPM process, they teach you what to do to be found in the search engines, what to consider when setting up your domain name, how to build traffic, AND how to create great content.  And as for setting up Paypal, advertising etc. etc., that's all there too.  The advice really is fantastic.

Don't just listen to me.  Listen to the countless others that have set up with SBI!  Here's a few for starters.........

So what do you know a lot about that you would LOVE to put up online?

If you have been wanting to set up online, but feeling you can't because you don't know where to start, take a look at SBI!  You won't find anything more thorough.

Personally I love SBI!, so I can't help but say how great they are.  It's no get rich scheme but if you follow the Action Guide dilligently step by step, your own personal message gets out there online in no time, and if you get it right, you can start creating a passive income before you know it. 

Many SBI!ers earn FULL TIME incomes from their site.  Imagine working from home, doing what you love, in your pyjamas! :-)

A little advice from someone that started from scratch, knowing nothing, and within eight weeks had pages in the top 10 of the search engines.  If you are wanting a mediocre site (albeit with your fabulous content) that not many people visit, by all means rush through the process.  But if you want your site noticed on the big wide web, follow the Action Guide.

Don't skip any of it.  It is seriously brilliant advice - with tons of golden nuggets of information - so allow yourself the time to follow it.

I know you must be wanting to know how much this all costs - its currently £193.00 ($299.00) per year, or £19.00 ($29.99) per month.  No hidden costs, no extras you have to buy, nothing, nada!  Everything is included.  Website, webhost, domain name (owned by you, not the host), easy software, full instruction guide from start to finish, fully optimised for mobiles, easy socialising set up, 24 hour technical support (with real people that really want you to succeed), zillions of how to articles, stats galore to help you monitor your progress, and constant updates to keep up with the latest.

AND there's a full 3 month money-back guarantee because they know (just as I know) that once you start you won't look back.

Click on the Solo Build It! banner here:-


and have a look at some more videos from happy Solo Build It!ers, or take the video tour!

I look forward to meeting you in the forums :-).