Positive News Stories

Who says there are no positive news stories?  Oh yes there are.  Below you will find links to websites that post positive news from all around the world!

Positive News is an online newspaper with a US website and a UK website.  It focuses solely on current positive news from around the world, and you can even have a printed newspaper delivered to your home if you wish! 

Sunnyskyz is a website full of positive news from around the world, with inspiring videos, and some fun too.  Here's a fabulous true story about a baby weasel flying on a woodpeckerIt had tried to capture it, and became caught up on the journey.

Kindspring have 1,000's of stories and inspirational videos.  They also provide FREE SMILE cards you can  leave in various places, to encourage people to do random acts of kindness!  Inspiring and brilliantly positive.

positive news stories
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positive news stories

Want some great tips on how to think positive? 

Click here

Happy News is a really good site!  They keep up to date with all the good things going on around the world.  You'll find tons of happy stories.  You can also subscribe and receive a hard copy delivered home if you wish.

Good World News has positive news from all around the world, again in so many subjects, so you'll never tire of them.

Finally, Positive News Stories are becoming popular.

Positive news has always been out there; it just hasn't been so easy to find.  Now, however, with more and more searching for it, major publishing houses are starting to take notice!  Soon, hopefully, we will see a much more healthy balance between positive and negative news :).

positive news stories

The Jupital (formerly The Positive) is another online positive news outlet that is filled with current stories, and lots of interesting facts and findings.

Good News Shared is full of uplifting stories, again from all around the world, based around charitable organisations.


Upbeat.  'Positive, optimistic, inspiring good news' is their strapline.  Just click on the name, or image.

Good News Network.  Yet another great resource for happy stories.  Plus!  They even have their own good news radio station.  Check it out!