Positive Affirmations

The internet is awash with affirmations but how to create powerful positive affirmations? 

Read on and I will explain just what they are and how they can literally turn our lives around.

But first..............

Have a listen to how this special little lady does it.

You may well have already seen 4 year old Jessica as she has already had 18 million views!, but how many will notice the little known and very important secret she introduces into the process?  The one with the most power!  

See if you can work it out………

What are affirmations?

Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an affirmation means "something affirmed: a positive assertion", in other words a positive statement, so actually it is already positive! 

Also, the word comes from the latin verb 'affirmare' (“to present as fixed”).  So, not only is an affirmation a statement in the positive, but also it is assuming that it is fixed ie. is happening, or has happened. 

Hmmmmm the Law of Attraction comes to mind here.

How can Positive Affirmations help me?

Experts tell us that our subconscious mind only understands the positive and that if we think positively all the time, all our dreams will come true. 

Sounds amazing! but in reality, who can actually stay in a positive thinking mode all of the time? 

Not many of us

Unless we are lucky enough to be free of any negativity whatsoever, or have worked to eliminate it, our negative thoughts will always interfere. 

Of course, the more we do work at it, the more positive we become.

Now, what if I was to tell you that it has been discovered that on average our minds wander 46.9 percent of the time!! 

Really?  Yep! 

Two students from Harvard created an app called 'Track your Happiness'.

One of those students was Matt Killingsworth, now a Scholar of Psychology.

See video above.

People chose from 22 general activities, walking, working, eating, chores, shopping, watching television etc.

And the research proved! just how much our minds wander. 

Here is a link to an article about it in the New York Times

So, what does this prove? 

Well it proves how unfocused we really are; do we even know what we are thinking about half the time, and more importantly, is what we are thinking about to our benefit?

It stands to reason, therefore, to pay more attention to what we are thinking. 

Think we are stuck with what we have? 

Nope, the latest findings in Neuroscience are that our brain isn't 'hardwired' and unchanging at all; that we ourselves are capable of rewiring our brains to become more positive whenever we choose. 

This book called Rewire your Brain explains it in more detail.

Positive affirmations help us tremendously here, to focus directly on positive thinking; and they literally do rewire our brains. 

The more we practice, the better results we see, and we can get there even quicker, if we add some Positive thinking techniques.

Here are some affirmations from Youtube to give you a flavour of what they are, with some fab background music to get you dancing around the room! 

And here's a nice helpful list too.

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