The Law of Attraction

For those not familiar with the Law of Attraction, I'm going to briefly explain what it is and why its getting so much attention lately.  Then I'm going to leave it up to the experts!, of which there are many, to explain it further. 

Where does it stem from?

The Law of Attraction dates back a few hundred years online, but can be traced back even to ancient times.  It's really only become popular in this century, however, thanks mainly to 'The Secret' book and the movie, which have both had phenomenal success.  Click on the image for more information about the movie.

If you have Netflix, you can actually watch the movie there, and if you look around on Youtube you will find the first 20 minutes of the movie available.

And here is a really good lengthy spin off from it too:-

What is the Law of Attraction

Simply put, it means that 'like attracts like', so basically whatever we are thinking about is what we are attracting.  More specifically put, whatever we are thinking about negatively brings those negative experiences towards us.  Whatever we are thinking about positively brings those positive experiences towards us.

In other words:-

.........we become what we think...... Buddha.

It becomes even more intriguing when we consider the latest research in Neuroscience that the brain can’t tell the difference between something real or imagined!  I mean, if we are using our thoughts to create our imagination, then by definition we must be using our thoughts to create our actual reality!

This bestselling book sets out the newest findings of Neuroscience in a way that even the least scientific person can understand.  Phew!

This is what the New York Times says ‘The power of positive thinking finally gains scientific credibility.  Mind bending, miracle making, reality busting stuff’.  

Click on the image for more.......

Of course, that's why we keep hearing that we can be, do, or have anything we want, that we are apparently 'limitless'.  Here is a link to a great! page from that explains 'limitless' in such a fab way - makes you wonder why we aren't all already flying in the sky like superman or superwoman!

So what we think about and what we say out loud to ourselves, and to others, suddenly becomes ultra important.  And we have to ask ourselves, what kind of reality are we creating?  A negative one, or a positive one?

positive thinking benefits

Moreover, it has been proven that our minds wander 46.9% of the time!  See page here.  So, this begs the question, what on earth are we thinking about most of the time?

At this point, I think we need something lighthearted to take our minds off these mind blowing facts for a few seconds don’t you?

This should do it.  This is a real live amazing! to music Christmas Lights show in California - make it full screen for the best effect!

There are many Law of Attraction (LoA) experts around today.  Some of these experts are in 'The Secret' and some are also in the spin off  film above.  There continues to be more and more fantastic upcoming writers on the subject too.  There are tons of books, videos, films on the subject (resources page to come).

One of the most well known LoA experts, however, are Abraham-Hicks, so for those who are new to this subject, let's introduce them.  Here's Abraham-Hicks website and Youtube channel.

Abraham-Hicks came to us via Jerry (R.I.P.) and Esther Hicks.  This may be a bit out there for some, but if you really want to learn LoA from the experts, you will be hard pressed to find better than Abraham-Hicks.  Esther Hicks channels this information from 'Abraham', hence the name. 

Listen to some of their videos and you will hear some astounding wisdom, and then when you start putting it into practice, and it works, well you just have to start believing it.  You may still wonder where on earth it comes from, but your doubts about its effectiveness will be dispelled.

Below is an uplifting 6 minute video from Abraham-Hicks workshops, which really helps to explain why the subject has become so popular.

Abraham-Hicks were originally asked to be main figures in the film The Secret, and did go ahead with filming, however they pulled out of the production as they didn't feel it was being portrayed in the right way.  That's not to say The Secret isn't an amazing film, it is.

You could say it was the Universe in action as then the information wasn't coming from just one source, which without a doubt inspired many more LoA experts to come to the forefront and start sharing their knowledge.

There are many fantastic books and CD's by Abraham-Hicks and these are some of the best! - the link to Abraham-Hicks Amazon pages is directly below.

law of attraction

law of attraction
law of attraction

Many people use the Law of Attraction to attract what they want.  There are lots of specific techniques - which you can learn from any of these experts (link to come). 

Basically, the more positive we are, the easier it is to attract what we want, and negativity ALWAYS slows down the process.

The Law of Attraction has had its fair share of critics, that's true.  This is mainly because people get disheartened when it isn't working for them and they stop believing in it and give up trying.  As always we have the power to choose whether to listen to their opinions, or to try it out for ourselves and make up our own minds.  The thing is, once you actually see it in action, you don't doubt it anymore.  It inspires you to learn even more about it.

Yet again, another reason to become a more positive thinker.  Want some help?  Here are some positive thinking techniques.  Or, come with me further down the rabbit hole of the fascinating subject of the Law of Attraction!  Have a look here and here and here and here.

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