How to Think Positive

Looking for some great techniques on how to think positive?  If you don't have much time, just scroll to the bottom - but if you can spare a minute, here's a little further advice.

You know that famous quote ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing year after year and expecting different results’? - well Einstein was really on to something there ;).  The thing is, we can try and think positively until we are blue in the face, but unless we learn how to think positive, things will more or less stay the same.  You see, what we need to do is change the way we think. 

So how do we do that then?   

"Happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking" by Oliver Burkeman

"Rethinking positive thinking" by Gabriele Oettingen

First, we make a choice, a decision, that we are willing to change the way we think.  And it really is a choice.  Because without that decision, when we aren't noticing any changes, we can easily give up.  Yet, with just a little more effort, we start to see the benefits, and then it becomes SO easy to continue the journey.  The will to continue must come first. 

Now, if you are at this moment in time beating yourself up because more often than not you aren't thinking positively - stop.  Whoever said life was perfect? 

Many of these negative thoughts we have are messages we’ve unwittingly picked up throughout our entire life, so cut yourself some slack.  We can’t expect to suddenly know how to think positive; we have a little ‘undoing’ to do.

And for those that do have that expectation (I know you are out there), a little patience with yourself will do wonders.

For a little more understanding on your self talk, see negative self talk.

Lots of people struggle to constantly think positive.  Ask your friends and you may be surprised.  Many of those that have managed to change their thinking have spent years in the process, and very few, if any, are 100% positive thinkers – it’s a challenge we all have – however, these techniques below can be a great! head start.

The reason this is such a big deal is because continuously beating ourselves up is negative thinking, and it gets in the way of our efforts to think more positively.  So, relax, make it ‘fun’ not ‘work’ – and if and when you find yourself spiraling into negativity, go do something fun instead! – that will help lighten your mood and put you back on track to continue.

A helpful tool on how to think positive

As mentioned on the home page, Barbara Fredrickson, a Positive Psychology Professor at the University of North Carolina, has devised a two minute questionnaire to help us ascertain our level of positivity.  If you haven't taken this test yet (there's no sign up, its anonymous, and results are immediate), I highly recommend you do so as its really helpful to know where you are starting from.  It's also a great way for you to measure your progress.

Here's Barbara talking more about positive thinking and the positivity ratio questionnaire.

So, now you know where you are.  I wonder how that feels?  If the result was lower than you’d hoped, remember, Barbara said literally 80% of the entire population score below the tipping balance.

However, if the result was higher than the tipping point, what do you need this website for?  Get out there and spread that positive thinking vibe!  The world needs you.  In fact, why don’t you get your burning message out there online?  

Contrary to some popular beliefs, positive thinkers don’t ignore negative events around the world ie. pretend they aren’t happening.  What many do do, is constructively help with solutions, for instance they may join an environmental group, donate, volunteer, or set up a social enterprise etc. etc.  What they don’t do, is dwell for very long on the negative aspects as this isn’t helpful to either themselves, or those in need.

So, without further ado:-

Here are some techniques on how to think positive.  More techniques will be added over time, so do come back to check those out too.


Simple, fun, techniques.


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