My name is Dawn - I am a trained Mindfulness Coach. 

I help people to feel more calm, positive, focused and resilient. 

By learning how to press that 'pause' button at any given moment, and quieten the negative mind-chatter, you are then able to focus better on the task at hand, and also choose a more positive mindset instead.

As an added bonus, Emotional Intelligence levels naturally raise!

For more details regarding Mindfulness, please see www.mindfullyu.co.uk.

My own journey started 20 odd years ago. 

I was brought up in an unhappy environment, so as an Adult I was extremely insecure and had a very negative mindset. 

This culminated in constant Panic Attacks & Anxiety.

So I started to search for ways to 'feel better'. 

I spent a lot of time in the self-help sections (but a shelf or two back then - the internet is such a gift), and along the way, I learnt how to practice Mindfulness. 

"What did I get from my Emotional Intelligence Coach?  Feeling relaxed, self-confident, open to humanity, enthusiastic about the future.  Through the sessions I could learn how to step back, be more aware of myself and as a result I am able to see the beauty in every aspect of my life.  Thank you, Dawn, you helped me to open the door in front of me so I can say 'everything is possible for the person who believes'".  KP

What I noticed was that the more I practiced, the happier I became - less anxious, more positive, more confident.

So it was all the incentive I needed to continue!

Now, I am Panic Attack & Anxiety Free, am always looking on the bright side of life :-), and it gives me great pleasure to teach all I've learnt to others!

"What a Revelation!  Dawn helped me to understand the instinctive reactions I have had to things all my life......  With her expert guidance I have been able to put those 'voices' to the back of my mind so that I can concentrate on the adult voice of reason, allow myself to make my own decisions and comfortably take ownership of them.  As a result, I have realised that I CAN achieve my dreams and have the patience to allow small but crucial changes to happen in their own time.  Emotional Intelligence is a fascinating subject - there is so much more to it than I shall ever know, but learning is all part of the journey.  One step at a time to a new and better future...... why wait?  Thanks Dawn".  KWF

Let me help YOU become much more of who you really wish to be.

There is nothing that works better than private One to One focused Coaching. 

Six to eight Coaching sessions ensure the maximum success (usually once a week).

If you live in Devon, UK, we can work face to face. 

If you live outside of Devon, UK, we can easily work via Skype or Zoom.

Please don't hesitate to email above for more details.  

I have put together this website to help you find your way through the minefield of information on positive thinking. 

Access to self help resources is now widespread, which is fantastic, but how on earth do we know where to find what we need, or where to start? 

There are lots of tips and techniques freely available on this site to help you on your journey, and some fun and laughter too!

I sincerely hope this website helps you, and wish you every bit of success you wish for yourself.