What's So Great About Mindfulness?

Over the past decade, lots of scientific research has been carried out about Mindfulness, and the results have been phenomenal! - that's why it has become such a hot topic recently. 

On top of that, the latest findings in Neuroscience are proving how effective it is in aiding well-being.  It is, therefore, now being recommended by many different institutions, for example:-

In 2004, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – the guiding body for the NHS – ruled Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy be recommended to patients with depression.  This is still in place.  

Publication CG90: Depression in adults

In 2008, the Government spelt out five ways to mental well-being – and recommended ‘a specific form of training such as Mindfulness’.  

Foresight report 113-08-FO/B: Mental Capital and Wellbeing.

In 2010, the Mental Health Foundation’s Be Mindful report to the Government concluded that "Mindfulness could be helpful to a very wide mix of people.....much, if not all, illness is influenced by stress, mental attitude, and behaviour choices......." :-

  • 81% of the general public agreed “the fast pace of life and the number of things we have to do and worry about these days is a major cause of stress, unhappiness and illness.........”.
  • 86% agreed they “would be much happier and healthier if we knew how to slow down and live in the moment”.
  • 66% of GPs agreed they “would support a public information campaign to promote the health benefits of Mindfulness”.
  • Nearly 75% of GPs thought it “helpful for themselves to receive training in Mindfulness skills”.  

Be Mindful Report

In 2014, the Government set up a Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group all about Mindfulness, and published their final report in October 2015, which states '.....what is already clear is that (Mindfulness) is an important innovation in mental health which warrants serious attention from politicians, policymakers, public services in health, education and criminal justice, as well as employers, professional bodies, and researchers....................'

The report recommends Government train 1,200 NHS staff in Mindfulness, that three Teaching schools be designated for teaching Mindfulness, and that extensive research be carried out on Mindfulness in the workplace.

Mindful Nation Report October 2015

In 2015, the latest 'World Happiness Report' was published (by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations), which highlights four components of well-being; Mindfulness is one of them.  

World Happiness Report

In 2016, the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group (otherwise known as the Mindfulness Initiative) produced a further report - Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace - which highlights the business benefits of Mindfulness, and provides a proven strategy for implementation, as well as some successful case stories.

Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace

Also in 2016, two very interesting reports came out, backing up the current drive for improving Mental Health.

Business in the Community's Mental Health at Work Report - which highlights the latest shocking statistics of Mental Ill Health.

The Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health as a Workplace Asset Report - which outlines how tackling Mental Health at work can actually save businesses money. 

Business in the Community

Mental Health as a Workplace Asset

As word has got out, well-known companies such as Apple, eBay, Reebok, Intel, Google, Twitter, Starbucks, Xerox and Yahoo – have started training their staff in Mindfulness (from top executives down).  Organisations like the Bank of England, the police, the prison system, Transport for London, the Military, and many schools, have also started to follow suit.

“I was initially skeptical about the Mindfulness course.  However, I went with an open mind and it was life changing.  I am much calmer and much more self-aware, and use some of the techniques every day”. 

Sergeant Kay Howarth, Durham Police - Northern Echo Newspaper, 26/07/15.

Celebrities are also talking about Mindfulness

To top it off, many celebrities have now come forward to highlight how Mindfulness has benefitted them - Gwyneth Paltrow, Arianna Huffington, Oprah, Will Young, Emma Watson, Davina McCall and Giselle Bundchen to name a few.

“What I have realised in my work life, is that there is a ‘me’ that stands back from all the noise.  He had always been there.  He watched everything and it took some time to tune into him and meet him.  I like him.... he's cool”. 

Will Young – Huffington Post, 14/05/15.

“When my “obnoxious roommate” knocks on the door in my head, I’ve found it’s better just to let him in.  If you try to tune him out, he just bangs louder.  If you let him in, he sits down, watches TV and shuts up.  Know what I mean?” 

Kobe Bryant - New York Times, 28/09/14.

Got your professor's hat on?  Well, you won't need it in the scientific research section, as I've made it all super! easy :-).  Or, you could just skip it, and come discover all the benefits instead!