A guide to Positive Thinking

What is positive thinking?  Why does it matter?  What are the benefits?  How can I think more positively?  Give me some positive news, and techniques that work, now!................

I hear you.

You'll find all these answers, right here on this site, and more - all done with a bit of fun, and with a personal wish that you leave here feeling happier than you did when you arrived!

So, if you need a little pep up right now, this moment - this video is just the thing!  Enjoy :-).

And if science is more your thing, here's a link to a scientific study that concluded thinking positively keeps your heart healthy!

What is positive thinking and why should I care?

Positive thinking is the difference between believing that a glass is half-full, or half-empty.  Positive thinkers look on the bright side of life, change the things they can change and don’t dwell on what they can't change.

They don't force themselves to just 'think' positively.  Anyone that's tried that can confirm it really doesn't work.  They are just skilled, or become skilled, at recognising when they are not thinking as positively as they could, and then swiftly turn those thoughts around.

Instead of catastrophising, thinking of the worst that can happen, they look for the silver lining and focus on the best that can be achieved in the circumstances.

For instance, say you get fired.  That can be scary, right?, especially if you have a family to care for.  You might start thinking ‘oh! What am I going to do?'  

'How am I going to pay the bills?'  'We might lose the house…….’, which will send you into a negative spiral (and likely ruin the rest of your day).

Positive thinking - Glass Half Full or Half Empty-Hrmexplorer-

Or, you could look a little more on the bright side 'I haven't liked that job for a while now, maybe this is an opportunity to look for something better - I'll go online when I get home and see what's out there'.  This helps you to keep upbeat, and guarantees your day will go a lot smoother.

Are you a negative or positive thinker?

Would you like to know if you are a negative or positive thinker?  Barbara Fredrickson, a Positive Psychology Professor at the University of North Carolina, has devised this two minute questionnaire which gives us our positivity ratioThere's no sign up, it's totally anonymous, AND you get the answers immediately. 

Barbara explains it like this.  For every 1 negative thought we have, 3 positive thoughts can counteract it. 

A positivity ratio therefore of 3:1 (3 positives to 1 negative) is the tipping point for positive thinking. 

The results page also shows us the scores used to calculate our ratio.  Basically, we are aiming for a positivity score three times higher than a negativity score.  Barbara recommends we take the test a few times on different days in order to gain an accurate reading.  

Whatever your score, read on, and let me help you tip that balance some more.

What are the benefits of positive thinking?

Whilst it may seem easier said than done at first, when we start to question our negative thoughts, and build up positive thoughts, life really does become much more interesting, exciting and fulfilling.  Our energy lifts, our relationships get better, we are happier at work, we meet more interesting people, and we laugh and have more fun.  Plus, we worry less about the past, or the future.

As for the health benefits, here’s what the Mayo clinic, a world-wide leader in medical care, says:-

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Better coping skills during times of stress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

So how can this website help me?

You could have a browse through all the hand picked positive quotes (some well known and some not so well known), or you could go create some positive affirmations - some little known secrets here (you'll need a good memory so here's a fabulous technique on this memory improvement website).

You could get straight to it and dive in to the techniques.  Or, you could read about the power of positive thinking and why it is becoming so popular nowadays.

Want to understand your negative self talk?  Click this link to find out more.  And if you suffer from panic attacks, there's a solution for that too, right here - eliminate your panic attacks.

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My wish for your visit to this website is that you discover many ways to think more positively, and therefore feel as good as you possibly can!